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Decanter Centrifuge


Decanter Centrifuges are applied for separation of liquid mixtures, separation of solid-liquid mixtures, dewatering, thickening, classification of solid-liquid mixtures and extraction of components. The separation of Solid from Liquids and or dewatering and clarifying respectively are of outstanding importance for any industrial production process and for treating municipal sewage and industrial wastes.

Machine Design

A Decanter Centrifuge consists of a Cylindrical Bowl rotating at a pre-adjusted speed and a Screw Conveyor rotating at the same axis with a slightly different speed. A drive system adjusting the speed difference and the body which carries all the rotating elements.

Working Principle

Liquid and suspended solids are fed along the centre line within the bowl and then accelerated into the bowl by centrifugal force through the feeding point. This centrifugal force then causes the suspended solids to settle and accumulate at the inner periphery of Bowl wall. Sludge cake is discharged by Conveyor from the Conical part meanwhile clarified liquid flows back along the Bowl and is discharged through the Cylindrical end of the Bowl by plates which can adjust the level of clarified liquid.


The bowl is Cylindrical and Conical and rotates at a pre-adjusted speed most appropriate for the application. Suspension rotates at processing speed along with the bowl and forms a concentric layer at bowl perimeter.


Spiral rotates at a slightly different speed than the Bowl and Conveys the accumulated solids to the end of the Conical section of the Bowl.

Housing / Casing

The Housing/ Casing used to contain and direct the separated products also serves as a safeguard against contact with rotation machine components.


The Base frame of the centrifuge is a vibration insulated support. It is mounted on special vibration isolations which prevents the transmission of harmful vibration to the support structure, during starting and stopping the Decanter Centrifuge.

Wear Protection

Decanter Centrifuges offer a wear protection products to be applied on many areas where they are utilized. Most commonly Tungsten Carbide coating provided with plasma spray.

Bearing and lubrication

Special types of Bearings ensure long machinery life and exceptional reliability. Central lubrication system delivers appropriate lubricant to the bearings during sectional or continuous operation mode.

Leveling Plates

At the end of Cylindrical section easily adjustable Leveling Plates assist to control the Treated liquids flow. The liquid overflowing from the plates is extracted with gravity from central outlet reservoir.

Drive System

This system has low investment costs due to very simple design. This Drive system is used when the solids amount is constant. Machine speed as well as Conveyor speed may be adjusted as per inlet Sludge characteristic.

Advantages of Decanter

Decanter provides the advantage of high efficiency operation compared to traditional separation systems. It was necessary to develop continuing systems in order to reduce the increasing company costs and for the growing industry to be able to adjust itself to the acquired achievements. Decanters provide practically high efficiency results under fluctuations at product inlet, differences in process conditions and even at different characteristics of various products.